The Time Went so Slowly at Imogiri

Because we were confused where to spend one of my night in Jogja, Ogi offered me to try Sate Klatak in Imogiri. I did agree then we went there after Magrib. I often heard about Sate Klatak and I was so curious to get known its taste which is said so delicious.

The chilling wind accompanied our motorcycle-trip there. The weather in Jogja was getting chiller in the night. It’s just a compensation of the hot exposure sunlight you got in the day.

After a three-forth hour trip, we arrived at Pasar Imogiri. The hectic and crowded market turned to be a tranquil place where many vendors sold the famous Sate Klatak.

What is Sate Klatak? Sate Klatak is one of the various sate in Indonesia, sate or satay is made of meat or chicken, stuck with pin and burnt on ember. It’s served with sauce made of nut or tempe (soya been cake) or other ingredients. Sate Madura, sate Padang, or sate ambal is short of Indonesian culinary heritage. While sate klatak is made of mutton, soaked in special ingredients and stuck with a special pin from steel which makes the mutton well cooked in and out side. It’s specialty from Imogiri, a place which is also popular as the royal cemetery.

Then we greeted one of the vendors. I ordered two portions of sate. Before us, there were many buyers who already sat and ordered. With minimum lighting, we tried to figure out the place to sit. We sat with crossed-leg. While waiting for the sate, I wondered why there was no one who offered us drinks. I saw a woman who was making drinks. Maybe she’s the one who made the beverage for us. Then I went to her and asked if she sold the drink. “Yes”, she answered.

Not long after that a glass of hot tea and hot lemon drink came. But the sate hadn’t been served yet. I added a portion of tongseng in our order. Waiting for the sate and tongseng, Ogi and I looked at the vendor. We noticed that he did everything slowly. We were always asking why he didn’t slice the mutton at home. Why there was only one wood stove while he had to prepare two kinds of course, sate and tongseng. Why he didn’t apply job division? Why didn’t he only burn the mutton or cook the tongseng and others helped his to do other things? Indeed, the time went so slowly at Imogiri. Ogi said to me” It’s Jogja people”.

Two portions of sate and a portion of tongseng were served in front of us, finally. I was always curious with the sate. Then I tried it. Hmm…I agreed with my friend said about sate klatak:

The less, the more.

Sate was served with no sauce. But it really made the original taste of mutton revealed. No addition yet caused the taste very rich. The mutton was soft and sometimes we could taste the fatty flavor.

We were finished with our orders and our tummy was full. More people came and ordered the sate. I assumed most of them are Jogja people who worked in other cities and at that time they went home for celebrating Eid Ul Fitr. They came with their family, probably simply to memorize the flavor of sate klatak which made them missed all the time. And of course, just like them, I will go there next time I visit this lovely city.   



8 thoughts on “The Time Went so Slowly at Imogiri

  1. woooh.. fine, I’ll give it a try soon when I’m going way back home to lovely Jogja..
    umm.. how bout Sate Ambal? have you heard the best one there? ah.. tell me more.. soon

  2. @Maulidy; I’ll be back with sate ambal as soon as i try it. I have to go to Jogja first:P. next month maybe.

    @Ndoro Kakung: Let’s go back to Jogja, Ndoro:)

  3. Sate Klathak reminds me of a very special night… long-long time ago…
    Didn’t really like the taste, but – yes! – I really love just being there, hanging out with friends… :)

  4. Hmm…with whom you had such experience Ndi. He or she must be very special as the memory really sticks in your mind. Well as for the taste, that was the first time i tried that kind of sate. I think it wasn’t not bad, the mutton flavor was strong. I just love it’s original taste.

  5. @Ogi…I thought your tummy was out of capacity:D.

    @ Gufy…next time Fay. Hopefully i could have more time to visit that city. Anyway, i am still looking for the Empek2:D

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