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In this modern age, internet undoubtedly becomes a inseparable part of our life. The presence of this web-space is really helpful. It supplies us with any kind information we need. Previously, we were striving for the information. But now, the information itself that comes to us. What a lucky generation us.

The existence of web, mailing list or other forum based in web-space are the 24-hours available saviors of us. From my experience, I conceive that the internet is really helpful me as a new mother. More than one years ago, even before I was pregnant, I had joined a mailing list in which I could find smart parents who concerned about healthy, especially children’s health. From that mailing list, I start being familiar with the term Rational Use of Medicine (RUM). Once have a baby, a friend of mine introduced me with The Urban Mama. Well I think the site is not only useful in providing information, but also expanding our network as well. And I love that the members are called smart parents or smart mums and smart dads.
And now, as a new mother, my son is 11 month old, I am really inundated by information from my mother, my mother in law, my grandma, and other relatives who are more experienced in nurturing and growing a baby. The information has been being passed generation by generation. For me it’s similar with the local wisdom which to some extent is irrational. For example, we must wrap our baby tightly so the feet will stay firm.  Another ridiculous myth is  breastfeeding mum is not allowed to eat spicy food or drink ice as it will make the breast milk potential harmful for the baby.

By joining The Urban Mama forum, I know I can easily verify that information. Whether it’s a fact that should be paid attention or merely a myth that we can put aside. Just open The Urban Mama’s site and I can find abundant information and experience especially those relate to pregnancy, breastfeeding or chidlren’s growth. Even, several smart mums I find are promoting their online shop. This is fantastic because The Urban Mama empowers mums both by verified knowledge and leverage to earn living. In my opinion the urban mama is an empowering website.

Another thing I like most from The Urban Mama is the product review. I do remember when for the first time I knew about the doidy cup. I must haven’t known about that cute-helpful drinking device if i didn’t read it in The Urban Mama. And then, I bought two items of doidy cup for my son, Avicena, and of course I bought it from The Urban Mama’s member who manages her online shop. Smart choice for smart mums. In some chances, I also joined the quiz, yet never won any. It’s okay. Maybe it wasn’t my luck:D

In conclusion, with all useful information it provides, The Urban Mama is one of knowledge resource for me. As a new mummy, I want to give the best things for my son, just like other mummy out there. My decision isn’t wrong as I find more joy joining this site as I get knowledge and fun at once. Bravo The Urban Mama!!!

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