The Vicious Circle of Poverty

Idar is only a seventeen years old girl from Subang, West Java, who tries her luck in this capital city. Without proper educational background, she gets a job as an a helper in a young couple. Every day, she helps the host to clean the house, amange the kitchen and do the laundry. Working in a small new family doesn’t need to her to work hard and she receives a proper pay for that.

Once in her village at Subang, Idar was a jobless. She only helped her parents waiting house while they worked in the rice field. She’s the the second from two. Her brother also works as farmer, just like their father and mother. Sometimes, the brother is in project where employs him as a labor. Rarely he does it.

As for Idar, several times she receives order to sew. The payment is unpredictable. Averagely, she receives 50-500 rupiahs for every order that she finishes. Everyday, she can complete 10-20 orders per day, depending on the complexity of working.

Idar never completed her primary education. Only three months she attended the junior high school. She hesitantly quitted because her parents couldn’t afford the fee. In her class, there were other four students who had similar condition like her. And for people in her village, it’s very common that children not continue their education, even completing the primary level. The reason is classical, lack of money. The vicious circle of poverty is very obvious there. Many people are jobless and depend only to their rice field which doesn’t yearn any good result. They can’t improve their quality of life because they lack of skill and have no good education background. And it will continue over and over again.
Hei..our president-to-be!!! Pay attention to the real condition of your people. Don’t only talk about promise but never realizes it. Idar is not the only one. Many Indonesian are in the same condition with her. If you promise to weave the education fee, it should apply to all people regardless any condition. We wait you real work!!!

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