Then, I am so Grateful God:)

Yesterday, as usual, I prepared my own meal at the weekend. Besides, Ogi was visiting me so I wanted to cook for him as well. In Sunday morning, I went to vegetable seller in the neighborhood. Once coming, there were several women talking with the vendor. One of them asked how much she owed to the vendor. After calculating, the vendor told the forty-something mother the amount she owed. Then, the conversation was converted to the fresh fishes the vendor sold. I wasn’t listening in purpose when I heard that women said.

My family only has fish at most one or two in a month. In the other days, we only have tahu and tempe. Sometimes, I feel guilty and pitty for my children.

Then it shocked me, feeling sad to what happened with her family. Many families face the similar difficulties like her in Indonesia. But what shocking me is it really happens near me. I don’t know how it feels when we are badly starving. However, I hope I can give more empathy for them who are in those troubles.

Maybe, we have to open our eyes as wide as can be to such problem which really really prevails around us so we never stop thanking God how lucky we are. For the food we eat, for salary we earn, for mother who prepares food for us, milks that our father buys, for the job that we work on, for the shelter that we live in and gives us protection.

Once again, Thank God:)

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