Tips Writing the Recommendation Letter

Recommendation letter is an effective tool to promote or endorse a person to fit a position. It’s widely used by an employer before they hire a staff or universities for approving new students. As it can be a decisive mean, recommendation letter should be written in an impressive way.  Frankly, writing this letter is not easy for me. That’s why I read a lot of recommendation letters my lectures wrote to me. And based on my experience writing recommendation letter for my colleague Fenny, I would be more than happy to share following tips for you.

1. For recommending a person, please pay to attention to the wording! Avoid “weak and blunt” words. Instead of using nice and diligent, you can apply words such as determined.

2. To begin with, state what kind of relationship you have with the person you recommend. Write down how long and how do you know him/her.
Example: I have known Ms. Chandra since we went to Gadjah Mada University in 2000. While we were at college, we took the same concentration accordingly Political Economy International. Therefore, Ms. Chandra and I were involved intensely in class rooms, discussions, and paper work.

3. Then you can continue to your impression to the person. You can convey your experience with him/her and reveal prominent experience that may be effective such as tell how independent or determined she/he is. Academic award needs to be shared here.
Example: My first impression of her was she was a smart and clever student. And I found out that my impression was correct. Not only smart and clever, Ms. Chandra was also a determined student. She mastered all subjects she took and obtained excellent grades. She showed her strong passion in learning something new. Obviously she was a fast-learner and I am highly convinced that she stays the same now.

Make sure that you have covered up teh exceptional quality in every paragraph. Recommendation letter isn’t necessary the long one but brief, clear and giving correct description on the person.

4. When you finished conveying the quality of the person, you can sum up with a sentence reaffirming his/her quality so he/she is qualified for the position/scholarship.
Example: With the above-stated considerations, I highly recommend Ms. Chandra for the scholarship.

5. Don’t forget stating that you can be contacted for further discussion and state the most convenient time to call you.

Any other tips???

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