Tragedy of the Poor

Another tragedy broke out in this country. 15th September 2008, 21 women died while queuing for receiving zakat from the so-called local philanthropist at Pasuruan, East Java.

The amount of money didn’t pay-off the life. Good intention didn’t end at the anticipated result. Despite, it claimed toll whose number wasn’t few.

We’re failed to learn from the past lessons as this is not the first calamity happening due to zakat delivery. While there are reliable zakat institutions, which manage zakat professionally, there are still people who prefer to give zakat directly to the receivers. it’s not wrong, but the problem emerges when they don’t pay attention to the method of delivery.

From the news I read, I know that H.Syukron (the giver) announced about the zakat delivery at the local radio. One doesn’t have to be genius to predict how many people will come for it. Hence, to anticipating the huge number people coming, H.Syukron must have set the method.

To recall, similar tragedy ever happened. But every case ended at nothing, without further investigation by the police. It seems because it’s related with the the divine intention (read: to give zakat), the authority didn’t do anything. Everything is just gone. And last two days, it happened again. My personal opinion says that this time police should investigate the case thoroughly.

30 thousands, for some of us, isn’t worthed to be waited with such effort. However, for the poor, it means a lot. Meaning a lot to have meal for the next days or meaning a lot to buy their children firecrackers.

The poor, is always marginalized, never put with their dignity. As Hidayat Nur Wahid said:

It’s much better if the giver comes and gives the zakat directly to them (the receiver).

3 thoughts on “Tragedy of the Poor

  1. The, denger2 Pak Haji ini emang ‘merdukun’ supaya kaya alias nyari pesugihan. Dan tiap tahun harus ada yang menjadi tumbal. Kan dari tahun2 kemaren dia ngadain juga udah ada yg meninggal. Hiyyyyy…kalo bener, keji amat yah…

  2. @ Fenny..haduh gak tau deh kalo soal yg gitu2an. makanya, kasus kayak gini harus ditelusuri oleh polisi. jangan cuma dibiarin aja, biar kejadian yg sama gak terulang.

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