Viva Indonesian Football!!!

Never in my life was I as excited as yesterday when I watched football game Indonesia vs South Korea directly in Gelora Bung Karno. Why? First, because I am not that football freak so I never got interested in watching soccer. Since yesterday was my first experience watching football in a “real” stadium, so I was very enthusiastic. Second, I was drifted in the wave of nationalism because of the Indonesian team’s performance which was good in the two previous games. Thus, I said okay when my boyfriend asked me to watch the death battle Indonesia vs South Korea, a team who was successfully reached the quarter final of World Cup 2002. And there we were, with two fifteen-thousand tickets, watching the game, where hopefully Indonesian team would win the ticket to the quarter final.
The match was very interesting. And so were the supporters around me. We screamed, we shouted together, performed wave-resembled-motions, and sung together, giving courage for Ponaryo Astaman and friends. Too bad, in the 33rd minute, Korean team successfully attacked Indonesian goal. All of us spontaneously screamed and said “No”!.
What I found different between watching the match directly from watching in the TV was the enthusiasm. Just like when Korean made one goal, shortly after that Indonesian supporters sung giving new spirit for Indonesian team.
“Aaaghhhh”…”No” were repeatedly said when Korean team tried to offend Indonesia defense. On the other hand, we screamed “C’mon”…”Go ahead” and other giving-support shouts when Indonesia stroke back Korean.
Though last night performance was not as excellent as those played against Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Indonesian team had done a great play. Till the end of the game, we couldn’t make any goal. Anyhow, the loss was still sweet. And I am still proud of them.
Like Wimar said in his short message to me after the game’ “Terhormat Sekali”.
And I replied to him, “Hopefully this is marking Indonesian Football Awakeness”.

8 thoughts on “Viva Indonesian Football!!!

  1. Disana melepas kepenatan dengan cara-cara teriak, pokoknya puas banget.
    Kita teriaknya gini nih…

    INDO…NESIA!!! plok-plok-plok….INDO…NESIA!!! plok-plok-plok…
    lama-lama, kita teriak INTER…MATRIX!!! plok-plok-plok…

    plok-plok-plok (tepuk tangan)

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