Wake Up and Run

Wake up and run! Wake up and run!

That spell I always repeat at the dawn, when sun hasn’t risen, when body is still glued to bed hard. Running has become my routine since last year. I find it very easy to do, effective fat burner and excellent cardio exercise. This year, related to my running activity, I set a goal. Instead of just running and running as a routine, I like to achieve a goal. This year, I plan to run half-marathon.

Yeah…as much as people think that it sounds so ambitious for a casual runner like me, firstly I doubted myself doing this. Can I?? Last year I ran 5 miles in my first race. Afterwards, I continued running in long distance. As for this goal, as long as I imagine it, then I can reach it. I am very sure that it is doable. That is why I perceive that I will be able to run 21 KM in 2013.

To support my ‘ambition’, I discuss with runner colleagues from The Urban Mama My friend, Thalia, shared her 21K exercise plan in running thread at The Urban Mama forum. For you who are interested planning the exercise, you can learn in here. Even tough I haven’t made any exercise (I intended to but laziness failed me), I run regularly 3-4 times in a week. In the weekend, I do long run as race simulation. The simulation is important to make us accustomed to race situation.

I did my first long run 24th November 2012. I ran for 10 KM non stop. The pace I made was 7.46″/KM. Every week I managed to increase either the pace or the distance. Once I ran similar distance like previous week, then I tried to increase my pace. The pace would be set slower when I accelerated my distance. A week after my first long run, I ran for another 10K in three  weekends consecutively. As planned, I successfully increased  my pace to 7.43″/KM,  7.21″/KM and 7.13″/KM. I could see the obvious progress every weekend and it made me satisfied. Yippiee…

After running 10 KM every weekend and achieved a quite satisfying pace, I added 2 km for my running distance. On 30 December 2012 and 6 January 2013, I ran 12 KM. The pace was 7.29″/KM and 7.16″/KM. The reasonable distance that we can increase every week is 30% of previous one. So after running 12 KM, I thought running 14 KM in the week after that was more than okay. Then, I ran 14 KM after the 12K session with pace 7.25″/KM. Not bad at all!! In the two weekends after running 14K, I went to 15K. My first 15K session was completed with pace of 7:30 and the second one (the last one before 3 weeks off) was achieved with 7.17″/KM.

The progress I achieved within 3 months was satisfying for me. I do believe with constant training, I can increase my pace and further my distance.  In June, I manage to attend Bali Marathon where I will run, firstly, half-marathon. And now, I should take a rest for three weeks for holiday. I wish and hope that I can resume my running smoothly and able to spell the “mantra Wake Up and Run, Wake Up and Run” .Wish me luck!!

6 thoughts on “Wake Up and Run

  1. Hi mba Thea, perkenalkan saya Cici..
    saya baru pindah ke Jogja. I was a weekdays 8 to 5 worker, setelah di jogja saya masih bingung mau ngapain hehehehe…

    Semalam saya dan suami sempat lihat thursday runners di jalan, kami tertarik buat ikutan..
    Cuma…sebelumnya belum pernah serius lari, kami masih nubie :D
    Kalau boleh tau, gimana caranya gabung ya mbak?

    Oya, kalau boleh tau emailnya mba The, it would be great…

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Hi Thea, keren deh pacenya selalu naikkk.. mau nanya2 ttg indorunner jogja dong, ceritanya mo liburan singkat ke jogja, siapa tau bisa join lari bareng. blh email/DM yah, tq!

  3. wah hebat sekali kakak bisa lari segitu jauh
    bisa share sedikit gimana yah caranya bisa kuat dalam lari jarak jauh?
    saya saja berenang ukuran kolam olympic 4 kali bolak balik sudah ngos ngosan
    saya posisi di jakarta kadang suka ikutan acara lari marathon, tapi cuman tahan sebentar saja kecapean T.T

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