Weaning the Boy

Weaning our little boy, Cena, is always an issue for our family. The attachment between Cena and us as parents is very tight. It is understandable because both my hubby and I are working at home. Therefore, it is ourselves who supervise Cena everyday, every time. We have no nanny. All Cena’s businesses are taken care by us as.

Since this January, Cena has been attending play group in Fastrack. He also went to this place before entering the play group stage. In this play group, all students are required to attend the class by themselves. No companion. Yet, for the first time, students might be accompanied either by their parents or nannies or relatives. Then, there’s weaning time. Each student has his/her own turn to be weaned.

Cena’s turn started last week. He got the last turn because he was absent for 3 weeks for vacation. My hubby and I were very curios. How Cena would react to the weaning. Would he cry? Or would he be just right? On first Monday, which was the first day of weaning, I took Cena to his class and accompanied him for about fifteen minutes. The teachers asked me to leave him with them and his friends. Cena, knowing that I had to leave him, cried. The class’ door closed and I left him.

Then, I watched him from the CCTV monitor. Cena cried and insisted to open the door. One of the teachers had to sit in front of the door so Cena couldn’t reach the door. He cried for about 30 minutes and after that he was calm yet still reluctantly joined class activity. He sat alone, accompanied by his teacher. When it came to snack time, he didn’t eat, saying that he was not hungry. Refusing a meal? Sounds not him at all. Yet I knew that it was because he wasn’t in good mood of eating.

2 hours passed and we were ready in front of the class’ door to greet him. When the door opened, he was smile, looked relieved that his parents were there waiting for him. I kissed him on cheeks and hugged him tightly. It turned out that I, too, was anxious leaving him and separating from him. Yet, I was so proud him. First day of weaning passed like what I anticipated before. Rough for the first time and ran smoothly in the rest.

And it came the second day of weaning in Wednesday. Just like on Monday, I took him to the class, playing with him several minutes and left him with the teacher. And….Cena cried. I rushed to the CCTV monitor to watch over him. He cried but not long. It was only 10 minutes. And after that he was happily playing around with his friends. I was so relieved. Everything also went smoothly on Friday and Monday in the week after. He was fine and mingled gladly with his friend.

And today was his fifth day. Unexpectedly, before going to school, he cried. Though he insisted to stay at home, I took him to the school. I don’t know why he behaves so after passing smooth days. I assume that the separation which he can barely stand. Once he is with his friends in class, he is so happy. It is likely that he never cries or be reluctant to go to school. I do hope in the next days he will be okay.

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