Welcome Wet-Cool Rainy Season

Rainy season is underway. It has come since several days a go. It’s been leaving its mark on the muddy land, on the wet street, in the splash of water.

Rainy season this time is pretty much different with that last year. My time to arrive at home is longer. First because it’s farther. Then, when it rains, I prefer to go home by taking busway. Within my way home, I was so upset finding that the busway route was occupied by cars, buses and motorbikes. It took more than one hour to get to Jatipadang shelter, the nearest one with my home.

This is my first rainy season at new home, with a husband:). Last weekend, the ceiling was leaking. Thus, we had to deal with anything to prevent the water going everywhere in our room. I never had such problem before and suprised when it really happened to my house. Previously, I had my father to take care everything. This time, I have to fix it with my husband.

The temperature is getting chiller. When the time has passed its peak, the cool is getting lower. When raining, I have to gather more courage to get up early, conquering my lazyness to remain under warm blanket and wake up my husband.

I love this rainy season anyway because it’s just like a perfect time to sip hot jasmine tea. It’s very nice to have a cup of cappucino and enjoy it, only both of us or just stay under blanket while watching tv cable or reading interesting books.

I love this rainy season, just like its way. Welcome cool-wet rainy season.

3 thoughts on “Welcome Wet-Cool Rainy Season

  1. hi hi hi..of course you love this rainy season
    soalnya udah ada suami dunks…

    enjoy the splash of water with a cup of tea or cappucino and ur husband beside you…
    uh…so romantic :)

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