What Love can Do

We know that love can make people do things unbelievable for it. Just like what I watched last night in Kick Andy show, which invited couples who had their marriage wedding in unique way.

A couple from Surabaya held their wedding on ice skating arena. Even the MC was forced to have regular exercise months before so he could at least walk above the ice. What was not less unique when an artist, Iskandar, proposed his wife. He gave an old bike and dual band radio as “mahar” (wedding gift). The wedding ceremony was held in river while they were doing rafting and continued with off-roading passing the merapi. What a wedding!!

When planning wedding for our selves, my hubby and I didn’t think anything unusual. We just wanted it as smooth as can be, and of course it won’t cause rejection from my parents as they preferred it ran by code( read; pakem). The planning itself successfully made our emotion ups and downs. We faced many unexpected things. Budget which abruptly swole, just to mention one of it. We designed the wedding by ourselves with help and contribution of some family members. It’s just never thought before that we could do such things. Again, love can make people do anything.

5 thoughts on “What Love can Do

  1. Kalau kata Mya, akhir2 ini aku being sarcastic about love, masih belum percaya kalau ada yg namanya True Love. Mungkin perlu membuktikan sendiri baru percaya dengan cinta sejati.. :D

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