what’s in 2012

2012 is going to be an excellent year, I plan. We will start this year with vacation…yeay we really long for holiday after abundance of works through 2011. It will be an extending holiday as we will be off for three weeks. Three weeks? Yup it is. So, we’re now busy delegating our task to our staff so the daily chores that we’re used to do will be running smoothly without us.

After the pleasant vacation, we hope to get the energy and more insights to be applied at our next projects. My hubby is in on- going process of launching a new product with his team. I will be also occupied to deploy several projects which are related to my e-commerce business. And the most exciting is one of the project will be requiring us to travel to several cities!

This year we also hope our lovely house will be ready to be settled in. And once it’s ready, we will move to Jogja. And before it, I need to complete a series of course to gain a new competency.

Overall, we are hopeful to obtain more success ahead this year!

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