When I No Longer Belong to them

Yesterday I raised a question to my husband to-be if he’s happy that we’re going married, and he directly asked “what about you” after answering that he’s very happy.

I conceded to him that my feeling was mixed, happy, overwhelmed, nervous and sad at once. Why sad? he continued asking.

My sadness isn’t groundless. Once I’m married, I no longer solely belong to my parents, I have another person who will take care and responsibility of me. It’s about sentimental feeling that obviously emerges from inside of me as I consider my self haven’t completed and paid back what they have done to me. For the tears and sweat dropped from them that money can’t buy.

Many times before, I kept asking my self if this marriage they really wanted from me. I knew I couldn’t pay the purest love they give to me or even give a price over the parental bound of us as it’s too precious and priceless. My parents are obviously embodiment of the purest love I’ve ever received and I am hopeful that I can give the similar toward my lovely family. Then I know, they couldn’t be happier seeing me with the man who I love. They are very welcome to have one son who will share his life with me.

Thanks mum, dad for the thick and thins you went through to survive me.

15 thoughts on “When I No Longer Belong to them

  1. Ohh… reading your post really breaks my heart…

    I mean, I’m in your situation as well at this current moment.

    In one side, I’m excited to get out of my parent’s house, and in other side, I don’t know… indescribable.

    Wish you luck :)

  2. iya sas,
    dah kangen nulis tapi blom ada waktu
    setelah ninggal kantor 2 minggu, banyak kerjaan yg harus diselesaikan
    pulang k rumah dah ada suami yg harus dirawat dan temani:)
    mudah2an bisa secepatnya…sementara bercerita lewat photo dulu yaa

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