Will It Change?

As human, it’s very natural that we have dreams and set paths to reach them. During our life journey, it’s often our dreams change because of the obstacle we face or existing condition which make us have to alter them. However, there are also many dreams that remain unchanged and retained firmly by its pursuers.

I have three women friends. For me, they are outstanding. All of them have strength and prowess which I believe can lead them toward a success woman. Let’s name them as A, B and C.

My friend, A, has just attained her master degree in a prestigious university in Australia. When we were in the same class in GMU, she showed her determination on success and undoubtedly she’s also smart. Then she went to Australia and after two-year research-study, she’s back to Indonesia with another degree after her name. A has been experiencing love relationship with my old friend, also in GMU, who’s now working in foreign ministry. He’s one of the Indonesian diplomat-to-be. They plan to get married next year. A and I used to be very close and I know that she’s very keen to be a career woman. However, several month a go, when she’s about to finish her final year in Melbourne, she said to me that she dreamed to be a full-time housewife. She told me why she wanted to. As she would be a diplomat wife, she won’t be able to work abroad. As for the reciprocal reason, Indonesia forbids all of its diplomat’s couple to work abroad. And to me, she’s much reliant on her couple meanwhile she has a lot of chances to make herself advance. 


Another friend, B, is now working as an officer in an Indonesia-based-supranational organization also known as United Nations. While we were in college, she was the most ambitious one, especially in pursuing career. She graduated from college in less than 4 years. Last night, I was involved in a conversation with her. Her boss, she said, wanted her to have career upgrading because he believed that B had capability which enable her to be kind a project officer. Then I asked her if she received her boss offer. Surprisingly she answered not. Looking back to my knowledge on her during our time together, I thought it was a little bit weird considering this one that she’s been looking for. What’s wrong on her? 


I just don’t want to be selfish with my couple and my self. If I totally plunge in to a project, I will have no time for my husband and my family. 



Though she’s not married yet, she’s already ranked her priority in her mind and she let her career ambition in unknown number. 


And the last is C who is now going 25 and manages to marry at 27. Despite her bright career future, she dreams unexpected thing. We ever talked about MBA scholarship opportunity offered by a famous foundation. She said that she wasn’t interested in that scholarship as it requires compensation which is relatively burdensome. Kinda monthly fee cut from scholarship awardees salary within many years ahead. She said” If I am awarded that scholarship, I have to work for more than 15 years to repay the scholarship”. Then she surprised me with her statement” Then, how about my dream to be desperate housewife”. 


How it changes. As long as I’m concerned about those three friends, they are very talented and of course have great chance to move much forward than now. And of course they used to have such dream. My friend says to me “Gradually, our idealism will change. When we marry someone and have family, we must consider many thing”. And for me, will it change my dream as well??? 





10 thoughts on “Will It Change?

  1. Dear Sasti,

    What I am experiencing now is a thing I never expected before, including career path or escaping from my dream for pursuing master degree. However, I enjoy it. Just thank to God for what I could attain till now. And of course I will face what’s coming ahead, though I don’t what it may bring to me:). And I am always looking forward to one thing, which I always expect to happen soon:). Hopefully, the moment will be mine.

  2. Anticipate while you can. In the end, you’ll face it after all. It’s the “how” that matters, not “what.”

    I’ll wrap it up with, “Nature is changing, changing is nature.”

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