Woman’s Best Friend

What’s woman best friend? You can say friends, you may answer books, you may answer travelling. But this time i say shopping:)

This night, Wipi and I planned to take our best friend, Nora, who would go to Australia for pursuing her master degree. The plane’s managed to take off at 9 pm. Wipi, who’s lately very bussy with cyclon nargis, couldn’t escape from office earlier than 7.30 pm. Therefore, if everything ran within schedule, Wip would pick me up first and we’d go to airport. It turned out the plan didn’t run smoothly like we anticipated. The heavy traffic jam defenitly hampered our way to airport. Realizing that we couldn’t make it to the airport before nine, we just called Nora to let her go. She cried and we’re very sad.

As we canceled our errand to airport, we altered the destination. Where did we go? Centro at Plaza Semanggi. Wipi said, let’s get rid of our sadness by having new clothes. Oh my goodness, i already had my last one about three weeks ago. Yet, I couldn’t resist. The sale tag was very alluring. Finally, one cloth moved to my shopping bag. Stop please!!! I said to my self.

That exciting activity can help us forgetting our sadness for a moment. Shopping isĀ indeed our best friends.

13 thoughts on “Woman’s Best Friend

  1. yup, u’re right thea…
    i almost allured when i saw the sale tag at Centro Plaza Semanggi last Saturday :(
    but i didn’t buy anything ;) he he…coz i couldn’t found an appropriate size for me

    hmmm…regardless the situation, shopping is the most interest thing to do ;D

  2. Women’s best friend? I’d say shopping with gay ;) They are very good in judging what’s yay and nay for us! When we go with a girlfriend, she can be indecisive when we ask her opinion “do I look good in this skirt or that pair of jeans?” When we ask a gay, he would be brutally honest and answered “oh no darling…This skirt makes you ridiculous and those jeans are for 4-sized models only. Definitely nay, hunny…” Thank God there are gays :)

  3. I’m in search for anyone: prince charming, boyish girls, girlish boys, gay friend, anyone..you name it :D
    Will refer him to you once I find one ;) Then we can go shopping together ;)

  4. giiix,

    km ga komen pa? jangan2 km mengutukku karena telah memperkenalkan salah satu kenikmatan duniawi ke thea hahahahaha…..

    the..jangan-jangan abis ini oggix ngelarang km gaul ma aku hihihihihi…

  5. wah…berat nih kalo udah ngomongin menderita mulai tanggal muda sampe tanggal tua…

    namanya jg perempuan gix :p
    SALE itu seperti air ketika dahaga di gurun pasir :D

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